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I am an independent visual artist, educator and environmental science student at Murdoch University.

I have always wanted to be an artist. Straight after school I studied fine arts at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, Germany, but not long into my studies, I discovered my love for nature and my passion for science and started to combine these fields with my art. As the concern about climate change grew louder in society my vision became clearer: I wanted to use my art to present this topic from a more creative and emotional point of view. I wanted to convert scientific facts into visual form to thus offer an additional way to look into this subject. Today it is clear, that climate change is such an overarching issue, that it can only be solved and needs to be addressed interdisciplinary. Next to researching environmental issues, I started to researching the role of creativity in problem solving and thus started recognizing the tremendous surplus that could be found in the fusion of art and science. Since than I started to do what could be called environmental art. Over the last ten years, I have developed five series addressing different environmental topics. In these I question our relation to Mother Nature, address the interaction between urban areas and the natural environment, deal with philosophical and moral aspects of climate change, or ponder on questions such as how homes of climate refugees could look like.

I regard this podcast as a piece of art, however it is an artwork that has more than one creator. It is an art work that is created by all the interview guests I had and will have on the show.  To view my art please visit:


"Ecological transformation requires everyone of us to apply our gifts to the best of our ability on behalf of this precious planet." (Heather Lyn Mann, environmentalist, author and interview guest of this podcast)

This podcast wants to be a platform for people to share their stories. Stories that tell us how people from different backgrounds and professions found a way to work with environmental concerns in times of climate change in order to make a difference for our planet and all life on it. These can be artists trying to touch our emotions, scientists delivering data and new insights, authors giving us the words to talk about these topics, athletes raising awareness for the beauty of nature, or anyone else with their "climate story" to tell.

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